While the last decade was all about connections and integrating a social fabric to every facet of our digital and analog existence, this next decade is all about influence.

Game dynamics are fast becoming a critical currency of motivation. Their power lies not in connecting us to our friends, but in directly influencing our individual behavior.

via Seth Priebatsch at blogs.hbr.org

Very interesting article about how game dynamics (or at least the human interactions we perceive as being tied to games) are the next big milestone for garnering and maintaining audience participation.

In the Web space we have seen the idea of providing incentive slowly growing over the last decade. Certainly monetary incentives are not new, but social incentives are now becoming the norm and other personal incentives are sure to follow.

Whether you see these incentives and dynamics as strictly coming from the "gaming" domain or not, the idea that we are slowly building a framework around them that will effect our future interactions as much as our social customs have in this last decade is a fascinating prospect.

Admittedly, I may be a little biased on the topic. I am a gamer; have been all of my life. Games (online and off) have provided countless hours of influence and inspiration and to some greater or lesser degree are the reason I am in a creative profession.

But it is easy to see how gaming dynamics effect us on a daily basis, and not overly difficult to then extrapolate a larger strategic foundation around the concept.

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