Researchers say creativity should be taken out of the art room and put into homeroom. The argument that we can’t teach creativity because kids already have too much to learn is a false trade-off. Creativity isn’t about freedom from concrete facts. Rather, fact-finding and deep research are vital stages in the creative process.


I identify completely with the belief that creative thinking should be embedded in our educational institutions, and the notion of divergent and convergent thinking exercises being part of such a program is fantastic.

I consider myself to be a rather creative person, and can attest to the vial role that research plays in the work that I do. And I can recall dozens of examples each week where I have applied creative thinking to problems outside of any "artistic" domain.

More and more we are seeing creativity being applied to science and industry, education and business, with positive results. And research shows drastic improvements in cognitive skills when creative thinking is allowed to flourish.

I think it is time to make creativity a clear and consistent part of our children's education.

AuthorJoshua David