The first week of the fall semester at CCAD is over. In my first lecture, I talked about the value of design, and how important it is for students to understand why their profession matters.

By and large, the design decisions we make on a daily basis are informed by disciplines like human factors and cognitive psychology and can directly impact our ability to interact and engage with our audiences. The ability to craft successful experiences by utilizing this knowledge is where the value of design is readily apparent.

Design engages at an emotional level, it can help to ensure that the path of acquiring information, or using a product or service, is as easy, intuitive and successful as possible, and can provide novel solutions to problems by offering a framework through which resolutions can become apparent.

From these overarching ideas, we can distill down a set of guiding principles that act as the core tenets of a design strategy and frame and support creative practices, regardless of media or medium.

AuthorJoshua David
CategoriesDesign Strategy