I recently finished teaching a digital branding class at OSU where the focus was on iPad design. We looked at a number of different resources available on-line, but a select few stood out as being particularly useful.

  • Books in the age of the iPad (Craig Mod)
    A really useful article discussing some of the differences in layout when moving from print to iPad.
  • iPad Design for News (garcia media)
    A good discussion about some of the elements inherent in iPad design and movement around the screen.
  • Wired on iPad (information architects)
    An in-depth look at how a given design translates from inDesign to the iPad.

In addition, we spent some time using Keynote as a concept design tool, which worked pretty well. It just so happens that some of Keynote's transitions are very similar to the natural movement of the screen on an iPad. Right now, it seems to be the best way to test out ideas on the iPad without having to code.

AuthorJoshua David