Are we on the verge of a new era? An area where society is governed by economies of trust and shared interest, by micro-payments, and real-time transparent financial transactions? An era where people are looking for meaning in every product they buy and every service they use and where their confidence is based entirely on the social and emotional relevance of the company that is behind the offering?

What would such era look like? And how do we begin to consider the larger strategic design implications that such an era would bring about?

It is a difficult question, with many different answers. Here are a some articles that discuss the topic.

Meaning-Driven Exploration

Consumption-driven wealth and status are being replaced by identity, belonging, and a strong desire to contribute and do something “meaningful” rather than just acquire things.

via A New Era of Meaning: An introduction by By Tim Leberecht, frog design.

Creating Our Own Futures

Thanks to social media technology, we can for the first time make our own cultures easily and cheaply and turn to trusted friends for information, help and the making of things.

via The Essential Optimism of Design by Bruce Nussbaum, Fast Company

How Culture and Media are Already Adapting

It's an attribute of companies that are collaborative, and that don't expect media products to emerge shiny and perfect from centralized (and very expensive) planning and marketing systems.

via Of Popes, Pixels and Micropayments by John Thackara, Design Observer

AuthorJoshua David